Product Information

MiniBle Q Standard Version (M24 Male)

Material: SUS316 Medical Grade Stainless Steel, ABS
Net Weight:13.5±0.5g
Intake Port:M24 Male
Suggested Water Pressure:1-3.5kg/cm^2
Warranty: 6 months
Parts and Accessories:MiniBle Q Aerator Body, Rubber Washer Screen




  •  Please install thread with care.

  •  The suggest temperature of using MiniBle Q is between 10-60℃ as the core is made by ABS.

  •  It is microbubbles'main feature to enhance the detergency of water. If the water from water outlet is not drinkable, please do not drink it directly.

  •  To prolong the service life, please clean the product at least once a month. To check the detailed cleaning method, please see Cleaning And Maintenance. The actual cleaning frequency and service life may vary with different water quality.

  •  As MiniBle Q has saving – water feature, the using experience may need to be adapted.


Detailed Description-

Water Description
The water pressure of MiniBle Q is 1kg/cm^2, product can be used when meeting one of the conditions listed below:

  1. Has pressurized motor at home

  2. The floor you are at is above two floors apart from the top floor 

Intake Port Description
This product applies to M24 female faucet. If the dia of your faucet is not M24 female, please purchase a right adapter.
After measuring, if find out you need of M22 to M24 male, or M22 to 16mm male adapters, you can buy them at our official online shop.


 Installation Guideline


Full Installation Guideline:



How to remove the original aerator from the faucet?
You can remove the aerator with wrench. Please contact us if doesn't work.

   The MiniBle I bought does not fit the faucet at home. What can I do?
   You can buy the correspondent adapter and watch the guideline video as reference.
   After measuring, if find out you need adapters of M22 male to M24 male, or M22 male to 16mm male, you can buy them at our official online shop.

   I installed MiniBle, but why can’t I see milky white color?

  1. Please check whether the water pressure is right! (MiniBle Q should be above 1kg/cm^2)

  2. Observation Method: the angle of the light will affect the microbubble. We recommend that you use a transparent container to observe.

  3. Make sure MiniBle air hole is clear: the air intake will affect microbubble. We recommend that you clean MiniBle first, then it will perform well.

   If the above steps cannot solve the problem, please contact us.


   Why some taps can produce milky white color, while some cannot?
   Different pipelines will affect the amount of water and water pressure. You can change another faucet to install MiniBle.

   Why water was milky white color before, but it is not now?
   The scale may block MinlBle’s air hole. You can wash MiniBle and use it again. If it still does not work, please contact us.

    When it leaks from the connected part after installing?

  1. Please check if the installing steps are right, or whether you have put the filter gasket and gasket. To please specially check the adapter as it also needs gasket between adapter and faucet.

    To see full installation guideline: Detailed Description > Installation Guideline

  2. If you have followed the installing steps, but still cannot tight the aerator or it leaks, please contact us, and we will offer you a new gasket.

    After installing MiniBle, the hot water is not hot enough or is unstable. You can fix the problem by adjusting the water heater. The suggested steps are as following:


  1. Turn the water output of the water heater to the utmost.

  2. Turn the faucet to the hottest and water output to the utmost. Then, turn the water output to the one you used to.

  3. Turn the faucet to the hottest and water output to the utmost. Then, adjust the water heater to the temperature you used to.


    After adjusting the water heater, you can turn to the hottest temperature when using.


Cleaning and Maintenance-

​   It is suggested to clean MiniBle Q every month. Also, you can gently brush the filter with a soft toothbrush or clean with detergent and water below 60 degrees to enhance the detergency. (The actual cleaning frequency and service life of product may vary with water quality.)



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